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Corous360 to Establish Joint Venture with Industry Veteran

SINGAPORE 18 September 2014To create one of Asia’s leading games distribution platforms.

Multi-channel distribution network allows targeted access to premium users.

SGX-Catalist listed DeClout Limited (“DeClout” or the “Group”), is pleased to announce that Corous360 Pte Ltd (“Corous360”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeClout, has entered into a joint venture agreement with local games veteran Mr Jacky ChooSee Wee, to create one of the leading games distribution platforms in AsiaPacific. Mr Choo will assume the role of CEO of the joint venture company, Epicsoft Asia PteLtd (“EAPL”).

Where consumers used to purchase games software and game codes in physical stores, this distribution platform will extend the breadth of options for consumers to purchase video games from physical retailers as well as online and mobile channels, transforming the way consumers buy games in AsiaPacific.

As a local games veteran, Mr Choo brings a wealth of experience in games software marketing, distribution and payments. He will drive partnerships with top games retailers to grow EA PL’s distribution network acrossAsiaPacific, targeting a paying user base of 1 million when the beta version of the platform launches in 6-12 months’ time.

EAPL’s retail distribution network will cover physical stores, online and mobile channels across AsiaPacific. Through the distribution platform, Corous360 will gain direct access to a community of premium users who spend between US$100 and US$1,000 per annum on games.

Mr Winston Koh, CEO of Corous360 said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Choo, one of the industry’s veterans in AsiaPacific, to launch a multi-channel distribution platform to serve the needs of high spending gamers. The joint venture will redefine the traditional distribution channels for games in Asia Pacific and further fuel our e-commerce strategy.

The ultimate power of this platform is the direct access that we have with 1 million gamers and the ability to further monetise this community on our multi-faceted e-commerce platform”, adds Mr Koh.

The joint venture marks the second investment Corous360 has made to grow its e-commerce user base, following the acquisition of Max Interactives Technologies, an Indonesia-based mobile app store builder and content provider, through Netipay Pte Ltd in August 2014.

Said Mr Choo: “We are trying to give customers what they want -their games, everywhere, according to their lifestyle demands. Gamers can now choose to buy games in a disc format or via digital downloads and they can make this purchase through mobile devices, the web or physical stores. In addition to this, they can also buy in-game items and virtual currencies through this platform.

So far, we have seen this change in buying patterns in Europe and North America and we are pre-positioning to ride this wave as AsiaPacific’s gaming industry matures. I look forward to being part of Corous360 and driving the success of EAPL forward.”

About DeClout - Led by a dynamic team ofIT veterans, DeClout ( aims to be the leader in next generation technology driven services in Asia, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that will make us the partner of choice for leading companies across the region.

Listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange in 2012, the Group operates two core business segments -IT Infrastructure Services and Vertical Domain Clouds (VDCs) -out of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, UnitedStates, United Kingdom and the PRC.

The IT Infrastructure Services segment comprises businesses in data centre hardware and maintenance, cloud computing and systems integration as well as telco and network solutions.

Drawing on the expertise and synergies gained from our array of complementary IT Infrastructure Services, the Group is capitalising on exciting opportunities through ourVDCs-vibrant, self-contained and scalable ecosystems or communities -starting with the online games and e-commerce industries. Our vision is to create diverse VDCs that serve the needs and aspirations of different businesses and user communities.

With comprehensive strengths across a range of IT products and solutions that are deployed across Asia Pacific, US and Europe, the company is committed to creating long-term value and growth potential for its customers.

About Corous360 - Corous360 ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of DeClout Limited which is listed on the Catalist Board of the SGX-ST. Our vision is to nurture thriving, vertically integrated gaming communities in the Southeast Asian markets.

As one of the leading independent games cloud service providers in Southeast Asia, Corous360 leverages cloud computing technology to unite developers, publishers and gamers on a single platform, in the most resource-effective and efficient manner. Our integrated platform involves the development of three key tiers: a Games Cloud Infrastructure, aUnified Payment Infrastructure that facilitates payments using a common virtual currency, and a Games Community Portal where gamers access the games we host and interact with one another.

Corous360 rethinks the way games are being operated end to-end. Through Corous360, DeClout is primed to revolutionise the Next Generation Vertical Domain Clouds, starting with the games industry.


Corous360 to establish joint venture with industry veteran to create one of Asia’s leading games distribution platforms. - September 2014

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