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Every Copy of Cyberpunk 2077 Will Include a Digital Comic

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In announcing Cyberpunk 2077’s Collector’s Edition last summer, CD Projekt RED confirmed the goodies that will feature in the standard version.


Customers should anticipate Night City postcards, a map of Night City, and a host of digital extras, such as wallpapers, an art booklet, and a Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook. Today, the studio announced yet another digital item that each copy of the RPG will include–a digital comic, Cyberpunk 2077: Your Voice.

The company unveiled the packaging’s new addition in the following tweet:

Many may recall that The Witcher 3’s packaging was also replete with goodies, a physical map, soundtrack CD, and stickers among them. It’s nice to see CD Projekt RED continuing the trend for its eagerly anticipated new release.

More can be read here- 

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