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22-Year-Old YouTuber Tan JianHao Flies To Vietnam To Raise Funds For Orphanage

About the Singaporean Youtube sensation with a heart

Meet 22-year-old Tan JianHao – one of the top local YouTubers with over 362,000 subscribers on YouTube and 187,000 followers on Instagram.

Just two years ago, he merely considered himself “someone with a camera” with zilch cinematography skills.

Today, JianHao not only writes and produces his videos, but also plays the role of director, cinematographer, and actor.

In his videos, he pokes fun at Singaporeans, dishes out relationship advice, and documents his travels. He also collaborates with other local YouTubers like RyanSylvia Productions and WahBanana.

Last July, he registered his own company under “The JianHao Tan” and the same year, his video on Teenagers Past and Present made it to the list of the top 10 watched videos in Singapore. He was one of the Singaporeans aged below 25 to watch out for that we covered earlier this year. And now, there’s even more reason to take note of him.

Giving back to society with The JianHao Tan Foundation

The Singapore-born JianHao left the country at the age of 8 and studied in Cambodia for 6 years, then another 5 years in Vietnam.

In his high school days in Vietnam, he would visit orphanages in Thuy An Village and play with the children during weekends. Back then, he was just a student and couldn’t do much to contribute. But now, with his capacity to give more, JianHao is helping out on a pro-bono basis. He has even recently set up The JianHao Tan Foundation.

The JianHao Tan Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed to help improve the quality of life of physically and mentally disabled children, with the ultimate aim of building schools for the children and giving them an education.

On 13 September, The JianHao Tan Foundation visited Thuy An Village, donating over $2,000 worth of food, milk, snacks, toys, and soccer balls. The entire visit was documented here:

From YouTuber to Role Model?

We have our fair share our social media celebrities in Singapore. Many of them blog about themselves, the things they buy and the clothes they wear. It’s hard to recall the last time an influencer used their influence to really give something back to society like this.

JianHao is only 22 years old, but he’s already set a great precedent for people with influence to use it for a higher purpose.  And we hope it inspires more social media influencers to do the same.

Currently, the Foundation has raised $1,500.

The JianHao Tan Foundation will be returning to Thuy An Village this December, so if you’d like to help the children, you can head to – !foundation/c9n5 to make a donation. Every cent will help provide the less fortunate with a better life.

Melissa Yeo (25 September, 2015)

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